16 April 2008

Is This Thing On?

The first post of a brand-new blog is always the most terrifying; it's the one that nobody is going to read for at least a few weeks (if not months), but also the one that the new readers will eventually go back to and think, "Man, this is what started all of this?"

I could go through the pains of telling all of you who I am, but chances are, if you're reading this, you're not here for that. You don't care what I do, what I look like, or what my thoughts on the Industrial Revolution were. You're here to be entertained, and to get a glimpse at someone else's worldview, that ever-so-unique insight that only comes when you're face-to-face with a pair of eyes that aren't your own, but after the fact seems so obvious.

I don't know that I can give much of that, but I'm here to see what comes of it. Maybe this project will become something awesome. Maybe it'll die off as my interest, matched with regular reader levels, flatlines in a month or two. Or maybe, we'll find a happy medium, and I'll have just enough interesting things to say sometimes that some of you poor suckers keep on coming back to wade through my drivel for the few pearls of worth.

If you're reading this as your first foray into my mind, welcome. If you've worked your way back from some time in the future, then -- what are you doing all the way back here? This isn't even me anymore! I can't believe how inane I was (am) back then (right now). I mean, seriously.

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