22 April 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

The last several days have been purely hectic! Between old friends visiting from out-of-town, grand bashes hosted in various backyards, and a rather impressive showing of generic illness from the baby, it's been one heck of a weekend and a crazy start to the week to boot. In addition to all this, of course, I've begun training to take phone calls at work -- which will, most certainly, have little to no impact on my average workday other than a distraction from the duties to which I have been assigned, thus enabling the growing trend of my falling short in some respects to continue and, perhaps, to prosper, which would land me back somewhere other than where I've worked to be.

But then, that may not be a bad thing -- after all, despite the work to get here, it's still an odd fit (as mentioned before), and I'd likely find myself squirreling into something a bit more comfortable for my mind. Hard to say, really, as the future is always undetermined, and there's no assurance that anything will go according to plan even in the event that such a plan existed. I have been informed, however, that whether my present post remains mine or not, I won't be losing the additional pay that came along with it (though I sense that there's more to be had if I can stick to what I'm doing); in that regard, at least, I'm confident knowing that I can still provide as necessary to ensure the livelihood of me and mine.

All told, I've had a lot to think about lately, but little time to do the actual thinking. Hopefully I'll be back here some time later on in the week after some musing has been done, and I'll have something more striking or relevant to lay out before the assembled masses -- or, perhaps more appropriately, distinct lack of masses, as I haven't yet become so delusional as to imagine that anybody would be interested in reading this dreck. I suppose I'll keep on keepin' on, and someday, I'll have something worthwhile to ramble on about. For now, though, courage!


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